Live telemessaging, or live operator answering service, is absolutely the best way to present a professional image to your callers.

A twenty-four hour, live telephone answering service is the clear choice for many of our clients and, for some, there is simply no substitute. A friendly and caring voice on the line is reassuring for many callers, particularly for those in urgent or stressful situations. For those in an emergency situation, no "button pushing" is welcome indeed..

Our sophisticated technology assists our trained operators in providing quality and professional service with that "personal touch". Any business or professional with an emphasis on premium customer service will benefit from our quality live receptionist answering service.

Our team of courteous and skilled operators will answer in your company name and will represent you in a manner to be proud of. We still believe that the customer comes first. Experienced full-time supervisors monitor our live operations, and back-up staff is always on call to ensure the quality of service that our reputation was built on.

We can customize a rate package to fit your exact needs. We have rates for high volume users and for low volume users, along with packages to fit every budget. Our specialty is serving clients with multiple locations at discounted rates.


Voicemail, or voice messaging, is a powerful communications tool that allows you to stay in touch anytime, anywhere, all at a cost significantly less than a fully live telephone answering service.

Voicemail can also be an effective means of communicating with your clients, and even your own staff, all but eliminating annoying "telephone tag". There is nothing to buy and there is nothing to install and learning how to use it is a breeze. Same day service is available in most cases.

However, not all business voicemail systems or services are created equal. Our business voicemail system is user friendly, versatile and reliable. Our system can deliver your voice messages to your email address or to your mobile device as a simple voice file (just tap and listen) dial your cell phone, or it can activate your pager to alert you to important messages, dial your cell phone, or it can be programmed to "0" out to an operator for assistance.

Our trained professionals will help you get started and clear, simple voice prompts will maximize ease of operation for you and your callers.


Every business is unique and has its own special needs. Whereas voicemail may not suit your specific requirements, and a fully live service may not be practical, something in between may be the solution – sort of like a virtual receptionist. The technology and versatility of voicemail can now co-exist with our personalized live answering service so that you may now enjoy the best of both worlds at significant savings.

Our "Combination Service" utilizes our reliable voicemail system with an operator revert functionality. Your callers may have the option of pressing "0" for an operator at any time. That caller will then be connected to one of our professionally trained remote receptionists who will give them the same high quality service our fully live clients enjoy.

Callers may also be greeted by a friendly live operator and then transferred to an appropriate voicemail box as part of our remote receptionist services - all at affordable prices! This type of virtual answering service gives you all the accuracy, confidentiality and efficiency of voice mail and all the warmth and professionalism of live answering service.

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